Same Day Crowns


With the advancement of technology, procedures become more streamlined and convenient for patients. We are proud to offer same day, tooth-colored crowns in our office. Our patients love that they no longer need to wear a temporary crown or schedule a second appointment to cement the permanent crown.

What is a crown?

A crown is a restoration used to protect a tooth which is at an increased risk of breaking or fracturing. Placing crowns on teeth can help patients to avoid dental emergencies, broken teeth, and more extensive and expensive dental treatment. Modern crowns are highly aesthetic and an be used as a cosmetic option.

Why would a tooth need a crown?

  • The tooth, filling or existing crown is fractured or broken.

  • There is extensive decay present in the tooth.

  • Chewing causes pain in the tooth/jaw.

  • The tooth is discolored or otherwise esthetically displeasing.

  • The tooth had a root canal making it a high risk for fracture.

  • A history of bruxism or grinding has flattened several teeth.

  • The tooth is being used to support a partial denture.

  • The tooth is being used to support a bridge.

  • Teeth with large, old fillings may also benefit from crowns.

What to Expect

For same day crowns, the old restorations and any damaged tooth structure will be removed and then the tooth will be shaped for your permanent crown. A wand is used to capture digital photos of your teeth. The photos will be used to design your new crown.

This video shows you how a crown, custom-made by CAD/CAM 3-D technology, restores a damaged tooth.

Your dental crown will be fabricated while you are at the office, which means you will not need to wear a temporary crown. Once we have made your permanent crown, Dr. Chalsey will try the crown in and make any adjustments needed to ensure a comfortable fit. You can leave with your final new crown- and new smile!


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