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Preventive Dentistry

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From a very early age, people adopt either good or bad dental habits. This is basically the starting point for all oral health care. Most people require consistent routines in order to maintain high levels of oral hygiene. Genetics do play a role, but the habits that we acquire from a very young age, greatly contribute to the amount of dental care that will be needed in the future.

Patients who are very proactive about their oral health find that they end up getting much less oral care in the future.  Patients who are more reactive and don’t keep up with check-ups and cleanings, are more likely to need more oral care in the future. Sticking with the same dentist over your lifetime can result in better oral care and less need for treatments.

Here at Core Dental Care, we will help you formulate a plan and adopt the approach that will work the best for YOU. We will be your guide to prevent future issues with dental disease and other problems.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

This is something that we believe very strongly in at Core Dental Care. Your teeth need to last you for many decades and our treatments take into account the lifespan of each tooth before we propose any dental treatment. Sometimes this can require creative solutions for various problems, but we believe that finding unique solutions is the best way to take care of our patients because that is how we would want to be treated!

Cosmetic Dentistry

In today’s day and age, there are many cosmetic aspects to dentistry and it is something that we take great pride in offering to our patients. Everything from teeth whitening, dental bonding, tooth colored fillings (rather than silver or grey), porcelain restorations, veneers, ceramic restorations, and smile makeovers are all services that are available at Core Dental. Planning is always a large part of any Cosmetic process and we evaluate everything from tooth position, tooth contour, tooth arrangement and color, to your individual gum levels, to ensure the best possible outcome for any procedure. 

We work with some of the best lab technicians and ceramists in the country to collaboratively obtain the best results for our clients. You will have beautiful, natural, results that our patients can be proud of. We also continually strive to keep up to date with the most cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry processes and train to do so.

General Dentistry

As is the case with most dental offices, we recommend that our patients visit us a minimum of twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. Your exams will entail checking for gum disease, cancer screenings, and checking for cavities and signs of teeth grinding. X-rays may be used to evaluate your teeth and supporting structures. From here, we can create individual plans to address any needs that you may have.

Comprehensive Care Dentistry

Our teeth and gums go through all manners of trials and tribulations over the years. During the course of your lifetime, you may experience everything from cavities and broken teeth to missing or worn teeth. These issues require dental restorations. Evaluating your oral health is our specialty, and by dealing with it in a comprehensive manner, we make sure that your entire system of teeth, gums, bite, and jaw are all functioning properly and working in concert.

Many patients will not need a comprehensive approach, but for those individuals that do, we offer extended evaluations to deal with more complex dental issues. We perform complete visual and clinical inspections that may utilize photographs, as well as making models of your teeth, gums, and the surrounding areas. Your oral health is our priority and we can explore any and all possibilities to make sure you are comfortable and healthy.

Implant Dentistry

We will analyze your situation to figure out what type of tooth replacement will best suit your needs. There is a wide range of benefits to using dental implants, as they promote better gum health, provide you with better stability and a more natural look.

Dental Hygiene

Regular cleanings are an integral part of preventive dentistry. Some patients made need more regular cleanings than others, but for most, twice a year is sufficient. If it has been a while between cleanings, we will do the utmost to get you caught up and your mouth in better shape. We will remove hard to reach plaque and debris, as well as tartar from your teeth. These irritants can release toxins into your mouth causing inflammation and gingivitis, so hygiene visits are essential for proper oral care.


Patients can experience all manner of jaw problems that arise from a multitude of factors. Clenching and grinding of your teeth during sleep is one of the most common occurrences.  People can experience pain in the TMJ or jaw muscles from worn or broken teeth.

Bruxism can generally be managed by changing certain behaviors and Bruxism at night can be managed by a sleep guard which is usually in the form of a mouth guard. We can help you get a mouth guard that is fit to your mouth and will help protect your teeth and gums from the effects of grinding and clenching.

Sleep/Airway Dentistry

Many of our patients do not realize that there is a proven link between oral health and overall full body health. There exists a link between dentistry, sleep, and airway issues. Patients who deal with issues such as grinding their teeth at night, as well as snoring, may have sleep problems and be dealing with reduced airway space. This results in a condition known as sleep-disordered breathing. 

At Core Dental, we have undertaken many hours of advanced training on these issues and we can help guide you to the best form of treatment to manage these conditions.

Optimal sleep from optimal oral care equals optimal overall health and a better quality of life.


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