Dental benefits and insurance plans


We are pleased to be able to accept ALL dental benefit plans (insurance plans), and we are very familiar with the majority of the policies in our area, so we know we can help you make the most of your plan benefits (as long as that plan lets you choose your doctor). If you are unsure of whether your dental plan allows you to choose your own dentist, we advise you to contact your dental plan provider for details.

It is important to know that Dr. Nelsen is an “unrestricted provider” with most PPO plans.  Being an out-of-network provider allows her to offer or discuss ALL treatment options with patients, and not just the contracted ones.

Many plans cover the majority of common dental procedures; however, most will leave a remaining portion that is the responsibility of the patient. Rarely, the claim is rejected in full. If a plan does not pay, or pay as much as estimated, the balance is the patient’s responsibility.  We will discuss all fees with patients before treatment is performed to avoid surprises and make sure it fits within your budget.