Mother's Day Feels

WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE our mothers year-round, but we love Mother’s Day because it gives us a special opportunity to celebrate them! That’s why we’re dedicating a blog post to our favorite stories about or by mothers we know!

And as a matter of fact, this post is a day late because our blogger mom (Dr. Chalsey) spent her Mother's Day weekend enjoying her two children out and about in our wonderful city, instead of in front of the computer typing :) Enjoy reading about the amazing women we, at CORE, call 'mom!'

Our Favorite Things About Our Moms

My mom is a warm and loving person to everyone! She is my prayer warrior. - Jess R.

I love my mom's creative, free-thinking mind - So opposite of me! - Sarah H.

My mother is always supportive of what her children do. - Ivy W.

I love my mother for her support, optimism and unconditional love. - Taylor H.

My mom has shown me love, support and how to make a really good peach pie! - Dr. Chalsey


Favorite thing about being a mom from the mom on our team

My kids are small, ages 1 and 3. I love watching them discover new things. Recently my three-year-old realized that his grandparents are my parents. It was heartwarming to see his reaction to that new discovery. I'm grateful every day for the opportunity to have these two wonderful beings in my life! - Dr. Chalsey

What Are Your Stories?

You’ve heard some of our favorite mom-related stories now, and we’d love to hear yours! What’s your favorite memory of your mom, and if you are a mom yourself, what’s your favorite memory of being a mom?

We hope all the moms out there enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day!